Meet the Photographer

In the 4th grade, my grandfather passed away suddenly and I realized I did not have a picture of him. From that moment on, I vowed to never let this happen again and have been capturing memories ever since! I am a passionate photographer that really takes your lifestyle, ideas, and needs and spins them into something unique for you. As a Mom of two children, wife to a wonderful husband (17 plus years), I understand the times at hand and pride myself in making portrait sessions fun for everyone involved. When photographing some of our youngest subjects (and four legged ones) I understand that melt downs may happen (although very uncommon), newborns have great aim, and there is no such thing as a typical family! I welcome it all and love every minute of it!


Some of my personal favorite things: family, the beach, change, saturated colors, octopus, animals (dogs and marine life specifically), the ocean, all kinds of music (especially live), salad, fresh babies, roller coasters, vacations and flip flops.

Things I just can't get into: cold, mushrooms, drama, the spinning teacups, milkshakes, mean people, time wasters, canned tuna, death.


We are a fully registered, licensed and insured small business!  We are a full-time photography studio.

A Proud Member of the Professional Photographers of America

Member, Professional Photographers of America